Experiences for Life

Cuenca, Ecuador
October 8-15, 2022

“People say that we’re all seeking a meaning for life.I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive."–Joseph Campbell

the vision

EFL is a travel experience that supports every part of youso you can open to each moment in a new and deeper way

support for your body from stomach to sleep

One of the biggest struggles I had on the road was the stress it places on the body. I've spent countless days and nights stumbling around a city in a daze after a sleepless night. Or even better: lying on the floor in the fetal position while some unknown food turns my guts inside out.

  • Foreign foods

  • Poor sanitation

  • A new climate

  • Jet lag

  • More...?

Basic sanitation and sleep practices can go a long ways toward making a trip easeful for all our parts. When we slow down, listen to our body and our gut and give them the support they need; we can enjoy every inch of a new place from a relaxed, open place.

fearlessly fully experience

Another big learning curve for me was managing anxiety from being in a foreign place.

I didn't know if anything or anyone was safe.

After years of travel to over 10 different countries, I've learned the ropes of navigating a foreign place. Let me deal with the language, culture and safety so you can be in the moment...not in your head.

Reduce exhaustion and overwhelm

Another obstacle I've had during travel is being overwhelmed with the sights, smells, sounds and information of a new place.

After a couple full days, I was so overwhelmed that it was difficult to feel anything about such amazing places.

By prioritizing energetic grounding, rest and slow travel, we can be open and present for one-in-a-lifetime moments.

What's the price and what does it include?

$2000 USD

  • Travel tips and support

  • Suggested daily practices for mind/body support

  • (7) Dining experiences

  • (7) nights lodging in a private room

  • All group activities

  • Transport to/from group activities

what activities does the trip include?

  • Dine at local 5-star restaurants

  • Receive a spa treatment including contrast bath therapy

  • Sample local foods in a traditional mercado

  • Hike in the Andes with lakes and waterfalls

  • Tour Incan ruins

  • Learn about native history and nature

  • Time to explore on your own

Apply here

Send me a message if you'd like to join us for this trip.You'll also be notified of other upcoming trips or events.

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