Corrosion Conquered

Client: VSE Corporation

Agency: Guello Marketing

VSE needed a video to establish them as an authority on corrosion, show the severe damage corrosion causes and explain the unique advantages of the VSE solution.Their marketing team, Guello Marketing & Prime Consulting USA, hired Joe Rule.

Inspired by the VSE process, Joe designed rust and anti-rust particles to visually demonstrate corrosion damage and how VSE stops corrosion before it happens. Joe also integrated motion graphics with the 3D animation to further illustrate the development process and specific advantages of VSE Corrosion Control. The end result is a captivating and compelling investigation into the danger of corrosion and how VSE solves that problem.


“Joe is able to capture the subtleties that define characters, products, services and environments first in his mind, then in script, concept and art. Projects that require a team effort Joe tackles almost single-handedly. He also keeps his work organized, on budget and within the given time constraints; and he doesn’t get offended when changes are requested. In a nutshell, Joe is a brilliant and talented artist who is easy and fun to work with.”
–Darcy Guello
Owner, Guello Marketing

Joe takes you behind the pixels to look at how he used Maya’s nParticle system to drive the rust and anti-rust particles in the VSE video.

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