The Anti-Art and how it Kills Creativity


Cynicism is the anti-art.

Here’s what I mean by that: being an artist and living a creative lifestyle is fueled by an open minded, curious attitude about the world and other people. Cynicism is characterized by anger, disconnection and a complete lack of curiosity and wonderment about the universe. Once cynicism infects—or rather once optimism is lost—in our creative pursuits, it begins to taint everything.

Milestones of achievement become deadlines. Instead of working toward excellence with excitement, we work away from failure out of fear. What was once a mountaintop becomes a cliff. Art becomes a mechanical, mindless process instead of an expression of joy and wonder.

The journey of business (and of life itself) becomes an obsession about the destination. Get the project done—land the next client—achieve the next goal—make the next dollar. An optimistic take on business sees it as a tool to share talents and form relationships in order to maximize our greatness and the greatness of people around us.

Life—especially life as an artist—can be too much sometimes and cynicism seeps in through the cracks. Staying centered yet open is the journey of a lifetime, but the most important thing is to be kind to others and ourselves. Cynicism and fear is not broken through force. It’s dissolved through love.

Stay optimistic and curious my friends. Your lives depend on it.



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