OMG, WTF am I doing with my life?


I’m writing this because I don’t hear enough people saying this: It’s ok to have times when you doubt all your decisions and have no motivation to move your life, career and visions forward. Even getting out of bed in the morning can be overwhelming, let alone finding clients, pitching ideas and pushing projects forward. Relax. Life is not a race.

I’ve found the key to moving quickly past those times to not immediately resorting to mental self-abuse. I’m referring to that internal slave driver that keeps pushing you to be productive and fix things. In fact, continuing to push forward and fight against what your mind is telling you often drives further into overwhelmed feelings, frustration and depression.

So, take it easy on yourself and do the tasks that need to be done, but gift yourself (that’s not a typo) time to reevaluate and contemplate before moving forward. There’s a reason you’re feeling that way after all. During these times I also revisit my goals and dreams to help keep them alive – learn about a travel destination or read a bit of a foreign language.

I also find that reconnecting with people – friends, acquaintances or even strangers – can be very rejuvenating too. If you’re anything like me, that’s the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling like a failure, but I can’t deny that it works. Getting outside of your head and sharing in other people’s lives restores a sense of curiosity in the world and a healthful, positive energy.

Lastly, if you’re feeling this way, it’s worth stopping and taking a good, hard look at where these feelings are coming from. I find a lot of the time it’s from one or two problems that are unresolved. Even if the problems aren’t immediately fixable, it helps to know that only 1 thing is wack. The rest of your life is still ok.

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